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Netwatch for Business

Netwatch provides remote CCTV System monitoring and protection for your business premises.

The Netwatch system offers full protection for your business and can detect any unauthorized activity at the premises, outside of and during business hours. Persons trying to break into the business premises are remotely detected, warned off by our Intervention Specialists and the Gardai are notified.

Following a detailed site survey, our technical team design, develop and install the detection system we believe is best suited to ensure full protection of your business property. Netwatch takes full responsibility for system selection, design and upgrading so the technology will never become redundant.


The Netwatch value proposition means peace of mind that your home, assets and most importantly, your loved ones are securely protected.

The Netwatch security system uses the most advanced technologies, discreetly installed, to ensure the highest standard of monitoring for you your family. The Netwatch system is based on the premise that we want to detect any intruders long before they are breaking into your home; we want to detect them as they cross your perimeter boundary.

Netwatch CCTV cameras protect your property, detecting any intruders who may attempt to enter the perimeter of your home. If an intruder does cross this boundary, they are first challenged by a personalised audio warning and the authorities are notified immediately.

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