CCTV Remote Monitoring for Business


You want to keep your assets secure, safeguard your people and ensure business continuity. As a full service provider, Netwatch want to take away your security worries and allow you to get on with your business. The Netwatch Managed Service Model

We are the world leader in remote visual monitoring technology for Business. With over 40,000 incidents of crime prevented worldwide to date, we will successfully eliminate dangers to your business. We specialise in enabling business continuity and disaster recovery to clients across the world.

We deploy the most advanced monitoring technologies to proactively monitor and protect. Our proprietary software will detect any unauthorised activity on your site within seconds. Intervention Specialists, at the state of the art Netwatch Communication Hubs, direct operations remotely and intervene as soon as security is breached. They will issue a live audio warning to the perpetrators and alert the authorities, ensuring the unauthorised activity is stopped before the damage is done.

The Netwatch Business Security System is specifically designed for commercial premises and gives complete peace of mind as:

  • All intruders are detected before they reach your property to avoid damage
  • Live personalised audio warnings are issued to deter any criminal activity at your premises
  • All site intrusions are visually verified to avoid false alarms
  • Regular equipment checks are conducted and clients are issued with free system upgrades
  • Detailed incident reports are issued by 8am the next day


Why is Netwatch the Cost Effective Solution?

The Netwatch Managed Services option provides customers with a cost effective and accountable alarm monitoring security solution for any premises, utilising the latest technology proven across thousands of Netwatch customer sites. Heavily invested in Research and Development, Netwatch is committed to retaining its position of leader in the field of remote visual monitoring. Find Out More.

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