Two Men Attempting to Break Through the Gate of a Commercial Business

In this clip, two young men attempt to break through the gate of a commercial business just after 9 pm. When they are given a personalised audio warning by our Intervention Specialist they flee the scene immediately, preventing the crime in question from occurring.

Unknown Car Enters a Commercial Site

In this video clip, an unknown silver car enters a commercial property after business hours. As the car approaches the property they are given a personalised audio warning. As the men go to exit the vehicle, they are again warned that the GardaĆ­ have been notified of their presence and are advised to leave the site immediately. On hearing this warning, the men reconsider their actions, re-enter the car and leave the premises.

Three Youths Enter a Private Premises

In this incident, three youths have entered a private premises. The nature of this property, located at a rivers edge, is not very safe, particularly for young individuals. The youths are given an audio warning by Intervention Specialists in the Communication Hub and flee the premises immediately.

Two Men Enter a Dangerous Construction Site

In this incident, two men enter a potentially dangerous construction site at night time. They are issued a live audio warning advising them to leave the site. When they become aware that their actions are being monitored they flee the site immediately.


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