Who We Are

Established in Carlow in 2003, Netwatch deploy the most advanced video processing technologies to proactively monitor and protect their client’s properties and assets.

Netwatch’s technology and service is unlike any other currently on the market. Netwatch is unique as it proactively protects properties using live audio warnings to ward off intruders. Intervention Specialists direct operations remotely from the Netwatch Communication Hub in Carlow, visually verifying the intruders, and intervene as soon as security is breached by verbally alerting the intruders they are being watched with a personalised warning. In the majority of cases intruders flee the scene upon hearing the audio warning – preventing the crime from ever taking place. In all other circumstances, the authorities are notified and the Intervention Specialists are able to give them insight into the situation before they arrive.

Netwatch Co-Founders Niall Kelly & David Walsh GOAL jersey day staff picture Group picture of the Netwatch team

Since 2003, Netwatch has prevented more than 40,000 crimes and currently monitor in excess of 33,000 cameras across the globe. Netwatch was the first company in Europe to combine specialist video processing technologies with satellite communications to provide safe, preventative, immediate and cost effective protection solutions for clients. Netwatch now employs over 150 staff and operates in four continents with clients across Europe, South Africa, the Middle East and the USA.

Netwatch Communication Hub

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