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As a company, Netwatch believe strongly in corporate social responsibility and this belief is echoed through our dealings with our customers, employees, contractors, suppliers and even with the environment. For us at Netwatch, our success is measured by more than just the achievement of financial targets; we acknowledge our responsibility for the social impact we have on the communities in which we operate. The positive impact Netwatch can have on our client’s lives, the communities we work in and our environment is as important to our long-term success as any financial achievement.

Our Customers:

We are extremely fortunate to have an intimate relationship with each of our customers. As a result we get quality feedback which allows us to shape and fashion our services for individual client requirements. This means we are constantly redefining and adapting our services in order to develop more intelligent and effective security solutions and lead the way with rapidly evolving emerging technologies.

Our Community:

Netwatch are committed to supporting the communities in which we operate, both in Ireland and internationally. This year, Netwatch staff have been involved in many fundraising activities for deserving causes across the globe.

Enda Kenny, David Walsh and Mick promoting Cycle for Haiti Netwatch staff on GOAL Jersey Day

Some of these include:

• ‘Cops on Donut Shops’ for the Special Olympics

• ‘Cycle4haiti’ for the Soul of Haiti Foundation

• GOAL Jersey Day

• St. Vincent de Paul 2FM Children’s Toy Appeal

Our Employees:

Netwatch is committed to workplace based Corporate Social Responsibility. Our people are our most important asset and we encourage a lifelong attitude to training. We organise and fund many additional technical courses for all our staff and front-line staff are trained in Customer Service. As a result of our dedication to employee development we were awarded the Excellence in Customer Service Training award. Every year, Netwatch celebrates employees who have gone above and beyond for Netwatch in the past year, and the achievements of the Netwatch team as a whole, at the annual Employee of the Year Awards.

Our Environment:

Netwatch is fully committed to protecting the environment in which we operate and protecting the natural resources we use.

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