Cost Comparison


The Netwatch system offers substantial cost savings as compared to traditional Security Guards as shown in the diagram below.

Security guards are extremely costly, cannot realistically protect an entire premises at the one time and may be vulnerable to intimidation or corruption. With the Netwatch system installed on your premises you will have a security system that never rests, is always alert and active and doesn’t take a break. Every camera installed on your site acts like an independent security guard without the intimidating physical presence of a security person. Experienced Intervention Specialists at the state of the art Netwatch Communication Hub continuously monitor your premises 24 hours a day, preventing crimes before they can take place, by issuing live personalised audio warnings to intruders.

Utilising the latest technology, Netwatch provides a cost effective, accountable monitored alarm system for any premises on Managed Service basis for an agreed fixed daily fee.

Ireland Cost Comparison between Netwatch 6 Camera system and static security guards

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