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Netwatch is passionate about using emerging technologies to continuously improve our service offering and to maintain our competitive edge. As technology is central to the Netwatch System operations, research and development is vital to our continued growth and success. To date, Netwatch have implemented huge technological advances and are confident that our recent investments in research and development have positioned us well for future growth, both in Ireland and overseas.

Netwatch actively invest in research and development so as to achieve and surpass customer expectations through their core value of always putting the customer first. The R&D department have developed a suite of products specifically designed to create the most effective detection and transmission products currently on the market. Netwatch technologies are specifically designed to filter out repetition and false positives, thus, providing an exceptionally rapid response to real intrusions.

Netwatch have now partnered with a research group from CLARITY: Centre for Sensor Web Technologies at Dublin City University to develop ‘Netwatch Visual Labs’; an internal research and development capability within Netwatch.



Cratos Open Platform Veritas Detection System

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