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Netwatch recently partnered with a team of researchers from CLARITY: Centre for Sensor Web Technologies at Dublin City University and launched their own Research and Development Center, Netwatch Visual Labs, to develop a new alarm reduction system, along with a number of other cutting edge technological advancements. Netwatch is passionate about utilising emerging technologies in order to maintain their competitive edge, recently investing over €400,000 into developing novel technologies currently being used to protect clients in Ireland, the UK, Northern Ireland, Africa, the Middle East and the United States.

Technology is central to the Netwatch System operations. Netwatch use advanced video processing technologies to keep guard of our client’s assets by visually monitoring their premises all year round. The technology allows Netwatch to conduct a remote site inspection, to verify that it is an intruder which has triggered the alarm and to notify the Gardai and the key holder.

“Many traditional monitored alarm systems are outdated, or obsolete, because site inspections by the Gardai, a key holder or a security guard are still necessary to determine if an emergency exists. The Gardai receive thousands of calls annually for alarm activations in both business premises and residences and the great majority of these turn out to be false alarms. Garda time is wasted visiting the premises to determine if an intrusion is taking place. Not only is Garda time wasted, but it is costing taxpayers’ money in the process,” says Netwatch Group CEO, David Walsh.

Netwatch, in their use of cutting edge technology, have successfully emerged as a world leader in quickly and accurately responding to alarm triggers, and in cutting down repetition and false alarms. Netwatch’s investment in the research and development of new technology has allowed the company the ability to expand at an exponential rate in foreign markets and Netwatch will continue to invest in technological advances in order to continue to grow the business into the future.

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