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Netwatch has a range of services that can support you at this time.

You want to get back to business, and you want to make it as seamless and safe as possible for your staff and customers. One of the key factors in maintaining a functioning and healthy community is to contain the virus. Netwatch Announce, Netwatch Degree and Netwatch Count services are now available to you. Implementing these services can help to keep your staff, visitors and customers safe.

Netwatch Announce

Netwatch Announce* allows for specific audio messages to be broadcast from your current Netwatch system.

The service can be used to assist in the implementation of health and safety measures around your properties. The actions can include broadcasting messages such as social distancing rules, informing people of movement restrictions or providing specific customer information on a timed basis.

This can all happen through your current Netwatch system. Netwatch Announce can be deployed remotely, with no need for site visits or any close interactions.

See here for further details. {brings user to Netwatch Announce page}

*to avail of this service, you must have a digital Netwatch System in place.

Netwatch Degree

Temperature is an indicator of physical health. In some instances, individuals with abnormal temperatures could have a health issue. To contain the risk of contamination, it is key that it is detected quickly and accurately. Traditional methods of temperature screening are time-consuming and there is the risk to operator’s health. A non-contact temperature screening solution can be an efficient alternative, reducing testing time and the safety risk to those involved in detection.

Businesses and retail outlets need to investigate ways of monitoring the temperature levels of people entering their premises and sites. A temperature screening technology at your business will help people who may not realise they have symptoms and allow them to be segregated from others.

Netwatch Degree service allows:

  • One second to detect skin-surface temperature of a person.
  • An accuracy rate of up to ±0.5°C.
  • Non-contact measurement to avoid physical contact.
  • Reduced overall risk of unnecessary exposure.
  • Immediate alarms to notify individuals of their measurement.
  • Elevated temperature alerts sent to relevant managers for further investigation.
  • AI detection to reduce false alarms from other heat sources.

Netwatch Degree service will detect skin-surface temperatures, allowing for fast and safe preliminary temperature screening in your business. 

Netwatch Count

Maintaining appropriate distances from each other is essential in helping to contain the spread of the COVID19 virus. Some businesses will need to look at the layout of their workspaces and communal areas. For example, you may need to manage the occupancy levels in areas such as canteens, restrooms, as well as your overall building or site capacity.

Netwatch Occupy can accurately monitor the real-time occupancy of buildings without needing, storing, or invading visitor identity.

It will allow you to:

  • Handle multiple points of entry.
  • Detect group or bi-directional movement.
  • Monitor numerous buildings of any space type.
  • Trigger SMS notifications or visual warnings when predetermined limits are exceeded.
  • Alert staff when occupancy reaches unsafe levels.
  • Monitor your portfolio’s compliance with social distancing policies using Analytics.

Netwatch Count Benefits:

  • Limit occupancy to compliant levels per sq ft.
  • Schedule cleaning on how frequently spaces are used.
  • Easily analyse and compare multiple locations.
  • Display real-time data on site.
  • Give people data they need to self-regulate.
  • Avoid crowding and delays.
  • Gain trust through data by monitoring your portfolio’s compliance with social distancing policies using analytics.

With Netwatch Count service you can protect privacy, scale easily and all the time improving safety.

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