Every month, Netwatch review the crime rate and statistics for Irish businesses from across the country. We post monthly updates about where, when, and the type of attempted security breaches we encounter.

Crime statistics for January 2018

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  • Saturday was the busiest day in January for attempted security breaches.
  • Attempted security breaches by 15% monthly (December 2017) and 18% yearly (January 2017).
  • Attempted security breaches on building sites increased by 9% as the return of the building boom sees criminals targeting construction site with valuable machinery and assets on site.
  • Consumers were eager to check out new 181 cars as attempted breaches at car dealerships increased by 21%.

Crime statistics for February 2018

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  • Criminals took a break on Valentines Day again this year. Valentine’s Day 2018 was considerably quiet, with attempted security breaches decreasing by 15% on the 14th of February compared to other days that week.
  • With just 28 days there was moderate decrease in February (-4.5%), for attempted security beaches after an very busy start to 2018.
  • Car Dealerships was one of the industries to increase slightly (0.5%) in the number of attempted security breaches. All other sectors had modest decreases after a busy January.
  • 35% of attempted security breaches in February occurred of Saturday and Sunday

**Status Red Didn’t Deter Criminals**

Netwatch Snow

It was a case of battening down the hatches as Snowmageddon and Irish Criminals up the ante.

Loss of power, leak detection, and attempted burglary were the major trends of Storm Emma. As Ireland battled the elements, our Communications Hubs continued to monitor the sharp increase of attempted security breaches as many of our sites saw along with widespread system power loss and water leak detection.

Compared to Storm Ophelia our sites had less power cuts, but the number of intruders attempting gain access to businesses increased considerably. With many businesses temporarily shut and with little or no access for an immediate physical response, live audio warnings were of paramount to the importance in preventing intruders from accessing remote sites.

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