For every month in 2019, Netwatch reviews the crime rate in Ireland and crime statistics for businesses. We post monthly crime rate updates detailing where, when, and the type of attempted security breaches we encounter.


Crime statistics for January 2019

  • netwatch January crime Criminals took a break after Christmas as attempted security breaches in January on Netwatch sites were down by 9.3%.
  • Construction sites and car dealerships saw the biggest decreases in the number of attempted breaches at 15.4%.
  • 41% of attempted security breaches occurred between 6pm and 12am in January.
  • Saturday was the peak day for attempted breaches at 18.5% occurring on that day.


Crime statistics for February 2019

  • The number of attempted security breaches took its first jump of the year, with an increase of 8.2% over January and 1.3% over February 2018.
  • Attempted breaches occurring between 6am and 12pm increased by 36% in February.
  • 21% of attempted breaches occurred on Sunday (peak day) with a 32% increase in activity on the weekend.
  • Warehouse and Factories felt the largest monthly increase of 16.1% and a yearly increase of 6.7%.



Crime statistics for March 2019

  • architecture-buildings-netwatchAttempted security breaches on Netwatch sites rose considerably in March for the second month running by over 17% on February’s rate.
  • Warehousing and office buildings bore the largest number of attempted breaches, increasing 20.4% over February and  23.3% over 2018.
  • St Patricks Day saw an increased level of activity (vs other March weekends) with intruders attempting to access vacant buildings and sites while staff were operating at reduced numbers or on leave for the Bank Holiday Monday.
  • 40.2% of attempted breaches in March occurred on Saturday and Sunday.


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