The outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19 has forced many businesses to adapt and change to a situation never seen before. To ensure the safety of their workforce and the wider community, companies are asking employees to work from home if at all possible. This presents significant challenges for the day-to-day running of any business. Access to digital files, ease of communication between workers and productivity are all major concerns.

All around the world, companies are drafting action plans to ensure the best course of action is taken over the coming months. One of the key considerations is the ability to secure empty premises and sites for extended periods of time. If this is something your company is currently facing, then this information should help.

It’s a sad fact that criminals target businesses during quiet times like Christmas, Easter and during the summer months. Below we have assembled five actionable tips you can use to improve the safety of your premises during these challenging times.


Tip #1 – Shine Some Light on the Situation

Criminals prefer to work under the cover of darkness and tend to avoid well-lit areas. Premises with shadows and plenty of low-light areas are ideal targets. The best solution is to make sure your site perimeter and buildings are well lit up. With the advent of LED lighting, this can be done for a relatively small increase in your electricity bills.

Take the time to assess the lighting around your business. This one simple tip is very effective at deterring crime.


Tip #2 – Avoid Lone Worker Lockups

While your staff might be asked to work from home, there are often critical activities that must be completed on-site. A staff member might be required to lock-up the business after a visit. Wherever possible, it is best to avoid lone worker lockups as they are the perfect target for opportunistic criminals.

The best way to protect your business from this type of risk is to assign two staff members to lockup duty. This will involve planning ahead of time and clear communication to avoid any ambiguity or confusion. However, there are often times when assigning two staff members to lock up is just not feasible. In cases where a single employee must attend your site, lone worker protection is the best way to limit risk while allowing staff to confidently carry out critical duties.


Tip #3 – Deter Criminals with Clear Signage

The power of advertising goes beyond commerce. If you have a security system in place, you should let people know about it with signage. Clear signage placed at strategic points around the perimeter of your premises, and at key entrance points, can make a criminal think twice before attempting anything. Obvious signage is a great first line of defence regardless of the security system you employ.


Tip #4 – Choose an Always-On Solution

If your business will be vacant or operating with skeleton staff for an extended period of time, then it’s best to choose an always-on solution. An always-on security system is one that monitors your entire premises 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

There are very few security solutions that are truly always-on. One such system is proactive video monitoring. This type of system combines cutting-edge technology with 24/7 human verification and intervention. It works like this:


  1. Each camera uses intelligent software to scan the environment for threats
  2. If a threat is detected, an alert is sent to a Communication Hub for human verification
  3. A highly trained Intervention Specialist will verify the threat level and take the appropriate response
  4. This response usually takes the form of a personalised audio warning and a call to the local police


Tip #5 – Consider a Temporary Solution

If you know constant monitoring will only be required for a set period of time, then a temporary solution might be your best option. Temporary solutions can include security guards and patrols, but these solutions have their limitations. Guards must be on-site to be effective, and even then they can only cover a small area at a time.

Many businesses want an always-on solution, but only as a temporary measure to get them through difficult times like the one many businesses are currently facing. Something that can be quickly installed, operational within a short amount of time and without the need for preexisting infrastructure. In these instances, a rapid deployment unit can be an excellent solution.


We hope the above tips will be of some help to you during what is a very challenging time for many businesses. If you would like to discuss live video monitoring for your business, please contact us today.