Netwatch has had a hectic Summer, preventing security breaches at all hours of the day and night. Many sectors saw a welcome decrease in August, as well as a change in the times criminals were choosing to strike. Overall, Netwatch client sites saw security breaches decrease by 8% compared to July. Another positive note was the 13% lower incident rate than the same month in 2016. So, if this trend continues we would hope to have a safer month in September.


Is September Summer for criminals?

Going on 2016 activity, we may see a slight lull in September, giving everyone a chance to get back to school and back to work. Maybe criminals like to take a little break for themselves over the month of September!

crime day 2017 Most breaches occurred between 8pm and 9pm in September 2016. This is similar to August, although there was still plenty of unwanted activity right through the night and the early hours. Attempted security breaches began to subside midway through September in 2016, and we are hopeful that the trend would follow this year.


Construction site security is essential

Construction and Warehousing continued to experienced high levels of unwanted activity in August. Both sectors being the only areas to experience increase criminal activity. On a positive note they are at lower levels than they were in 2016. Maybe criminals are beginning to realise which premises are protected by Netwatch – the ones to avoid!

Netwatch august 2017 crime statistics and targeted sectors in Ireland

The Dublin targets

County Dublin was a contributor to the August decrease, with an 8.2% drop from July. Although there was a decrease overall, Dublin Construction sites did not see the benefit with attempted security breaches decreasing a mere 0.5%.


When to watch out

crime timeSurprisingly Saturdays and Sundays were relatively quiet in August. After a busy July, where they accounted for over 40% of our alarms, in August they were down to just over 25%.   The August decrease was mainly felt during the afternoon, the evenings (6pm – 12am) continued be the main target for criminals. In September 2016 about 50% of attempted breaches happened midweek, with Wednesday being the most active day.


Take home message

  • Late September/early October is when the rush for Halloween bonfire materials begins and the increase of in trespass attempts peaks. September is a good time to focus on securing your business.
  • While August had a slight decrease nationally, Construction sites and Warehousing were still being targeted at a Summer high level. Take the necessary measures to prevent your business being a targeted.
  • Data from Sept ‘16 shows that 6pm to 12am are the most threatening times for businesses. Pay particularly close attention to monitoring alerts from your security during this time.
  • Check to ensure all cameras are in working order. Netwatch Managed Service clients do not have this worry, as we provide this service.
  • The darker evenings are coming, so ensure appropriate lightning to deter intruders.


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