Attempted security breaches increase by as much as 30% on bank holiday weekends

We can often see an increase in youths loitering and attempted security breach on many of our client sites over the bank holiday. In large office parks and business areas, footfall is minimal over a bank holiday weekend meaning opportunist criminals feel they are less likely to be seen. Burglars know buildings are less likely to be occupied on a bank holiday weekend and  they also know that many key holders go away on a bank holiday weekend reducing the response time to a break-in. Areas where construction is taking place such as a building site are a particular concern on bank holidays of trespass and theft attempts at all times of the day and night.

For many unprotected businesses or those using a static CCTV camera without an alarm, it can be Tuesday before staff and management are made aware of a burglary, with the thief long absconded. This can cause a deep impact as along with the loss of assets, business downtime creates extra costs and issues so we are urging businesses to take a few simple precautions the bank holiday weekend. This preparation will help ensure security issues do not impact on management and employees enjoying their bank holiday break.

Security Tips from Netwatch include:

  1. Ensure there is someone responsible for the task of locking up on the Friday before a long weekend.
  2. Revise your list of keyholder contacts in case of emergency and inform your security company of the new contacts.
  3. Ensure that if alarm systems are raised on your premises, you have personnel for alarm attendance.
  4. Secure all windows and doors.
  5. Conduct smoke testing on fire detection systems.
  6. Criminals tend to be lurking and investigating an area before committing a crime. Teach your employees to watch out for suspicious behaviour and be aware of their surroundings.
  7. Keep the perimeter well-lit to serve two purposes. It can prevent trips and falls and deters potentials trespassers.  Installing motion sensor flood lights will accomplish the same goals while conserving energy.
  8. If using CCTV cameras check that your footage is backing up successfully.  Often companies discover after a potential break-in that cameras have not been recording correctly.

If you need any advice on protecting your premises please get in contact now and one of our team will be happy to help. Click here and complete the short contact form, or alternatively you can live chat with us during business hour.