Attempted security breaches increase by as much as 30% on Bank Holiday weekends

Businesses are generally closed for longer periods than normal over the bank holiday break.  Opportunistic criminals are very aware of this. This has been particularly felt in the construction industry where, on many occasions, employees have returned to work to find valuable equipment stolen or damaged. Along with the loss of assets, business downtime creates extra costs and issues.

Typical Activity we see on Long Weekends

  1. Attempted security breaches in Ireland increase by as much as 30% on Bank Holiday Weekends.
  2. We see an increase in youths loitering, and attempts to breach perimeters of many of our client sites.
  3. For many unprotected businesses, it can be Tuesday before staff and management are made aware of a burglary.
  4. Building sites are a particular concern on Bank Holidays for trespass and theft attempts.
  5. Attempted security breaches occur consistently over the weekend, and not just under the cover of darkness.

Why Criminals target business on Bank holidays

  1. The premises is most likely vacant for a the long weekend
  2. Its often Tuesday before staff discover a theft or intrusion has occurred
  3. Many keyholders maybe out of reach for the long weekend, reducing the chance of a rapid response.
  4. If criminals are targeting your business, they want every advantage.

What you can do to prevent this

  1. Ensure there is someone responsible for the task of locking up on the Friday before a long weekend.
  2. Revise your list of keyholder contacts in case of emergency Ensure that if an alarm is raised on your premises, you have personnel available to attend.
  3. Secure all doors and windows. Be especially vigilant in hot weather, when windows tend to be open.
  4. Criminals tend to lurk and investigate an area before committing a crime. Teach your employees to watch out for suspicious behaviour and be aware of their surroundings.
  5. Keep the perimeter well lit to serve two purposes. It can prevent trips and falls and deter potentials trespassers.  Installing motion sensor flood lights will accomplish the same goals while conserving energy.

David Walsh, CEO & Co Founder of Netwatch:

Netwatch Co-Founder / Group CEO David Walsh

“We sometimes see relaxed security arrangements over bank holiday weekends making it all too easy for thieves. With the potential risk dramatically increased on bank holiday weekends, it is imperative that businesses follow up to ensure that all security measures are prepared meticulously. Unfortunately, criminal activity certainly does increase at these times, but there are steps a business can take to help with the security of their business. This preparation will ensure security issues do not impact on management and employees enjoying their bank holiday break.”




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