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Another slight decrease for breaches in September (3.2%) before the inevitable increase in crime as Halloween approaches. With dark evenings closing in, business owners and managers need to take the necessary precautions before a crime statistic becomes a reality for your businesses.

Take time to secure your premises, before it’s too late

The last week in October will be one of the busiest weeks of the year for Netwatch as we will see a 40% to 50% increase in the number of attempted security breaches in the run-up to Halloween. With schools on midterm break youths looking for bonfire materials and criminals targeting business during the bank holiday, it will be another busy Halloween for our Intervention Specialists.

When crime in September happened and where?

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Warehousing and the Building sector saw decreases of 3.1% & 5.2% respectively, however, this is likely the calm before the storm, as these businesses were a significant target in October 2016.

Auto Dealerships were one of the few sectors with an increase of 6.1%.

Suspicious activity increased 17.2% on Augusts data and 19.8% on September 2016 data. Carlow and Kildare were two of the few counties to see an increase in the number of attempted security breaches.

The Dublin targets for criminals

There was very little change in the number of attempted security breaches in Dublin, with only a 0.9% decrease versus August data, however there was 7% decrease versus September 2016 data. While crime on Netwatch sites in Dublin has been decreasing in recent months, it is highly unlikely that this trend will continue into October.

September 2017 crime statistics Ireland


When to watch out

crime statistics - september 2017 time of day

42.9% of attempted security breaches occurred between 6 pm and 12 pm, a decrease of 10.5% based on September’s crime statistics. The weekend is still the most likely time for criminals to target your business with 42.9% of attempted security breaches occurring on Saturday and Sunday.

With a bank holiday and Halloween fast approaching, Irish businesses should watch out for a spike in crime towards the end of October.

Take home message

  • Halloween is one of the few times each year we can predict a definite spike in crime. Take time to consider the existing security of your business and decide if it is time to upgrade.
  • While September saw a slight decrease, this trend is unlikely to continue into October. Building and Warehousing sectors need to be on high alert, as at this time of year intruders attempt to enter businesses in search of bonfire materials.
  • It is always important to stay vigilant during daylight hours (6am-6pm), as 31.8% of attempted security breaches occurred during this time period in September.
  • With the bright evenings beginning to fade and the clocks set to go back at the end of October, ensure that lighting in is in place as a deterrent for intruders watching your business.

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