• 47% of incidents occur between Saturday-Monday
  • Office Building security incidents down 17%
  • 6pm–Midnight continues to be the most popular time for intruders to strike!

As we said farewell to summer and welcomed Autumn, it brings with it more mixed weather and darker evenings, giving rise to potential security incidents. Looking at our crime statistic data from September to November, we were happy to see that there was a slight decrease in security breaches compared to the summer months across some sectors, while incidents across other industries remained the same or increased slightly.

For example, as we see more activity on building sites with less of them lying idle, this was reflected in the reported security incidents which were down 23% from September to November compared to the three months previous to this. In addition, as offices buildings briefly welcomed backed workers, security incidents here dropped by 17%.

In our previous crime statistics report, we reported that Saturday and Sunday are the most popular days for intruders to make their move. This continues to be the case with one in three incidents occurring over the weekend, this is not a surprising statistic given many of the premises which make up our statistics report are unoccupied over the weekend. Interestingly, almost half of security incidents are now happening between Saturday and Monday.

One third of all reported incidents happened between 6pm and midnight, again this is a surprise given that premises such as car dealerships close around 6pm, as do warehouses, factories and offices.

As we move into the winter months, coupled with more people having to work from home again with the emergence of the latest Covid-19 variant, it may give rise to incidents in commercial office spaces. However, on the flip side, winter months do also deter groups congregating around construction sites and commercial buildings.

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Source: Netwatch internal incident report September-November 2021 vs. June-August 2021.