December crime stats

Criminal patterns change in the weeks surrounding Christmas. We use our data from previous years to prepare and anticipate when and where criminals will target business in the run up to Christmas to ensure the security of our client sites.

Crime affecting businesses at Christmas

  • day of the weekWarehouse and retail sites saw increases in the number of attempted security breaches. This was particularly felt in the week leading up to Christmas.
  • Attempted security breaches reduced in the week following Christmas, but increased considerably on New Years Eve.
  • New Years Eve proved to be a particularly busy day and evening, with the number of attempted breaches increasing considerably following a relatively quiet week.

Security Breaches in December

  • time of dayOver 40% of attempted security breaches continue to occur between 6PM and 12AM.
  • The weekend was still the most likely time for criminal activity at 35% however, attempted breaches were spread evenly over each weekday. This is similar to trends we would see during the Summer months while some business are perceived by criminals to be vacant or an easy target.
  • Counties Cork and Dublin with Netwatch systems in December showed reduced levels of criminal activity based on 2016 statistics.

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