Although famous for its mild temperate weather, Ireland still gets its fair share of storms. Bad weather impacts the country in many ways with flooding, poor driving conditions and power outages causing serious disruptions.

But did you know strong winds and poor visibility can create problems for your security system? Wheelie bins, flags and unkept trees can cause false alerts and can do serious damage to windows, vehicles and infrastructure.

This blog article examines common threats presented to Netwatch customers during a storm and offers the solutions to prevent this happening to your business.

Strap Down Loose Objects


Businesses can have a surprising amount of items kept loose around their premises. From wheelie bins to garden furniture, these loose objects can cause havoc during a storm. Aside from creating false security alerts, they can also damage cars, windows and security hardware when swept up in a powerful gust.

When a loose object is identified by an Intervention Specialist a call is made to the site owner or keyholder(s). There is a risk to personal safety if the keyholder(s) attempt to tie down the loose object in dangerously strong winds.

If no call is made there is a risk that staff on site the following morning will see a damage caused by loose objects the night before causing the alarm to be raised.


Ensuring these items are anchored to something or locked away from strong winds ahead of time is the best course of action.

Power Outages


Storms can cause entire homes and businesses to temporarily lose power. If a Netwatch customer is impacted by a power outage an alert is immediately sent to an Intervention Specialist to take action. It is mandatory protocol that all alerts be treated as threats because there is always a possibility that the outage was due to an opportunistic criminal taking advantage of stormy conditions.

For that reason, a call is made to the site owner or keyholder(s) to inform them that their security system has lost power. While this is the safest approach, some customers do not want to receive a call about a loss of power during a storm.


If for any reason you would prefer not to be alerted about a power outage during a storm, a call must be made to Netwatch giving this instruction. Most businesses are happy to know we are monitoring all aspects of their security system but if this does not suit please get in touch ahead of time. A note will be made on your account and you will not be disturbed.

Ensure Trees and Shrubs Are Well-Maintained


Maintaining trees and bushes around your business not only keeps things looking their best, it also prevents interference with your cameras. Unmaintained trees next to security cameras can cause false signals when their branches are blown into shot. In some cases, old branches and bushes can be cast through the air by strong winds causing damage to security hardware and even fibre optic cables causing serious disruptions to your system.

Overgrown shrubs and trees can also provide perfect cover for criminals as they approach buildings. Cutting them back has the added benefit of exposing potential thieves and vandals to our Intervention Specialists.


The best solution is to check for overgrown trees and bushes on your premises paying particular attention to entrances and areas near cameras and cables.

Fix Any Loose Fence Panels


Loose fence panels can do an exceptional amount of damage if left unmaintained. Just like a kite or the sail on a boat, a loose fence panel can be whipped up by the wind and sent at great force into buildings, vehicles or your security hardware. This can cause serious damage and disruptions to your business.

Even if they don’t break free in the wind, a loose fence can create false alerts which distract our Intervention Specialists from other areas of your site.


A quick repair is an easy fix, it’s just a matter of walking the perimeter of your site and checking each panel for faults.

Keeping Your Business Protected

At Netwatch, we know how challenging it can be to ensure the safety and security of your business and its employees during a storm. Our objective is simple; to provide you with a proactive video monitoring solution that not only meets security requirements but also leaves you safe in the knowledge your property is protected by industry-leading technology and highly trained Intervention Specialists no matter what the weather.

Netwatch has been providing proactive video monitoring services across a wide range of industries for almost 20 years. Our experienced team are always on-hand to take your call and answer your queries you might have.

If you have any questions or would like to add to your security system, please use the contact details below to get in touch.