The parking industry is rapidly moving towards a customer-centric model as IoT solutions are embedded into businesses to improve operations and customer experiences. Networks that leverage the IoT will have a combination of sensors, network connectivity, cloud computing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

With the surge of IoT solutions integration across the parking industry, security solutions such as Netwatch have adapted alongside the new technologies that enter into the market.

Common Challenges

There are drawbacks to consider with traditional security as more advanced security solutions are created for parking facilities.

Here are some of the common challenges experienced across the parking industry with traditional security solutions.

  • Cameras don’t stop crime, they just record it.
  • Patrolling security vehicles are avoidable – they’re easy to spot and can leave long gaps of time between visits.
  • With on-site guards it is a challenge to actively cover large areas. Unwanted visitors can easily bypass or distract them.
  • On-site security guards are limited due to cost and availability.

Virtual Live Surveillance is the Solution

Our innovative Proactive Video Monitoring provides facility/property managed premises such as car parks with a highly effective and cost-efficient way to protect the site. Our purpose-built platform and dedicated team of locally-based intervention specialists deliver the perfect, and proven combination of video surveillance technology with professionally trained supervision. This is a cost-effective way to monitor and protect your facility and its operations with the highest levels of efficiency.

There are various technologies that improve security:

  • Perimeter Protection-The best way to protect your facility is to monitor the perimeter and all external areas proactively so that potential threats can be identified immediately.
  • Loiter Detection-Loiter culture can lead to vandalism, criminal activity, violence or other unwanted incidents. The best way to eliminate loiter culture is to detect when loiterers are present and take swift action to deter from the property.
  • Netwatch Announce- Netwatch Announce allows for pre-recorded audio messages to be broadcast from your current security system. It’s a highly cost-effective and efficient way to promote health and safety and/or create personal facility announcements.
  • Netwatch Access ControlAlong with protecting the perimeter of your site, Netwatch can also help control and document who has access to your parking facility with advanced access control technology. This service can be particularly useful in small or private residence parking facilities.
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)Netwatch Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) identifies every vehicle entering and leaving your property to help ensure the highest levels of safety and security in your parking facility.

The moment a potential problem is detected, our expertly trained specialists verify and intervene as needed, providing live-personalised audio warnings, which have a 98% efficacy rate in deterring antisocial behaviour and preventing crime.

If you would like to discuss proactive video monitoring for your parking facility, please request a call-back via the contact form here.