School grounds are long associated with open spaces which are attractive to groups of young people as a place to gather and often loiter. While most of these people will not cause any harm to property or to themselves, there is always the risk of this happening. There is a duty of care to ensure no harm comes to property or people in or around the school grounds.

Safeguarding schools is not an easy task and whilst many of us associate schools with hustle and bustle of people coming and going through busy corridors, the weekends and holidays leave a near empty building, which is often full of valuables.

Although teachers and students may be on holidays, there is always a need for out of hours gate management to allow access for the likes of caretaker staff, cleaners, emergency services, grounds maintenance and other essential services. Our monitoring station specialists can offer remote support to staff leaving the school premises during unsocial hours through our visual verification technology. Rather than the cost of an onsite guard, or having to give open access to all of these people, Netwatch can remotely operate your gate for you. Netwatch specialists will liaise with visitors, ensuring they are authorised and remaining aware of who is entering and leaving the facility. This can all happen without the need for physical person onsite.

With many sporting activities happening around schools, there is often large investment in pitches and training grounds. These areas need to be kept to a standard that allows them to provide the best opportunities for students in various sports. These areas are large open spaces, often without boundary fencing or walls. They attract loiterers, and this in turn can result in damage causing large repair and expense, along with the possibility of harm to intruders.

Netwatch signage placed at multiple locations along the perimeter of your site, will also contain a freephone number which will enable the staff and the general public to directly contact the Netwatch Communications Hub 24/7 to highlight any unusual/obvious criminal activity in the vicinity.


A major headache with a security system can be the maintenance of the system. If you are managing your own cameras, you need to ensure they are all working at all times. If there is an issue, you need take the time to call an engineer to fix it. A bigger issue can be cameras not working, and nobody realising until they need footage from the camera. Then it is too late. With Netwatch we take care of all of this for you. Our team will design, install, monitor and maintain they system. Our technology constantly pulses the system to ensure all elements are working. If something shows up as broken our team are on the case within hours solving the issue without any need for our clients involvement.

Worried About GDPR? We’ve Got You Covered!

A big concern for schools in recent years is in relation to GDPR. A lot of personal and sensitive information is stored within the school offices as well as state examination papers which are also stored on site around exam time. We work from our own network, therefore no need to use the school’s network and contend with potential GDPR issues. More and more GDPR is one of the most important factors in CCTV usage. Netwatch are leaders in this space. We follow the regulations stringently, ensuring Netwatch and our clients are always fully compliant. We understand the sensitivities of using a schools’ network for the privacy of any data, therefore we provide our own network.

Netwatch are the experts when it comes to protecting educational facilities and we work with thousands of satisfied customers. We take the worry of security away from our clients, looking after it all, and end to end service. Our extensive experience ensures we understand what is needed to protect and secure our client sites. Are you ready to protect your educational institution with our industry-leading technology? If so, then it’s time to talk to one of our security experts today. Click here and complete the short contact form.