Each month at Netwatch we examine security trend data collected though our platform from incidents on our client sites. Our software will then help us to analyse and interpret security industry trends. When you combine our 20 years of security industry knowledge with our experienced, long serving employees, we can use this security trend information to predict 2023 activity and enhance our future service.

2022 saw global inflation rates increase, leading to a rise in criminal interest in particular industries where materials and assets on-site were of high value. We saw a steady increase in criminal activity on client sites in the year, peaking in security trends of Q3 with a 20% increase over Q1.

Here we look at industries that may find themselves to be targets of criminal activity in the coming months.


2022 saw construction reopening as we emerged from the Covid-19 pandemic, materials and equipment were placed back onto active construction jobs, businesses within the construction industry continued to be targeted by criminals who recognised the financial value of plant machinery and equipment that have surged in value.

In Q1 of 2022 Netwatch recorded a 28% increase of attempted intrusions for construction companies when compared with 2021. With the current cost of living crisis, paired with high value of materials, this trend may continue into 2023. Here are some general tips to help with Construction site security.


Something that many of our customers were aware of was how catalytic converter theft had grown exponentially in recent years. Catalytic converter prices in Ireland are now between €300 and €600 on the black market, and more for high-end brands. Organised criminals are primarily targeting Toyota, Ford and Kia cars, and thefts are surging due to the industry shortages.

Catalytic converter robbery remains a constant threat for car dealerships. Car dealerships need to protect against this costly threat to their business. The same is true for car rental companies and even car park operators where there could be a given amount of liability for robbery or damage. Here are some useful tips on how to prevent catalytic converter theft to help protect your business from this rising threat.


Fuel costs in Ireland reached an all-time high in 2022 with some filling stations charging more than €2.12 per litre of diesel. While the costs have decreased in 2023, fuel prices is continuing to fluctuate across fuel providers, making it a target for criminals.

Giving these rising costs and future fuel and oil price predictions, fuel theft has quickly become a trend in the security industry. For example, a 1,000-litre diesel tank can be drained within minutes and a tank that’s not fully secure will make it even easier for thieves to empty. With machinery equipment rental and leasing businesses often having industrial fuel storage tanks on site, a successful criminal could put their victims into financial hardship with one visit.


Outside of hours and when schools are closed during holidays, educational facilities in Ireland are constantly at risk of trespassers who will often engage in anti-social behaviour, vandalism or attempted theft.

As expected there was an increase in unwanted activity over the Summer months during school closures. The Summer months saw a 22% increase on the previous 3 months which is predicted to continue for school holidays 2023/2024. While much of this activity has no criminal intent, there is always the threat of vandalism or personal injury on site, putting schools in a vulnerable position. Here are some top tips to help keep your school secure during the Summer until schools reopen

Proactive Video Monitoring as your 2023 Security Solution

Fencing, intruder alarms, video surveillance and even security guards are generally not enough to keep criminals away from your valuable stock. Proactive video monitoring gives you the tools to deter criminals with a personalised audio warning before anyone has the chance to cause damage or commit a crime.

If you have any security concerns for your business please get in contact and speak to one of our security experts today.