November crime statistics

After one of the busiest October’s and Halloween on record, we have thankfully seen a decrease of 21.5%  in the number of attempted security breaches in November. While this is always good news, we would still urge businesses not to let their guard down, and continue to carefully follow security procedures coming into the busy Christmas period.

Security Breaches in November

time when Irish business were targeted by crime

  • Over 40% of attempted security breaches happened between 6PM and 12AM. These hours continue to be prime time for criminals.
  • Warehousing and the Construction sector saw decreases of 24% & 26% respectively. This decrease is likely due to the spike in activity in October surrounding Halloween thus causing this significant decrease for November.
  • Attempted security breaches in Dublin decreased by 17.2% in November, however there was an increase of 11% over November 2016 data.
  • days of week Irish business were targeted by crime November 2017 The weekend is still the most likely time for criminals to target your business, with 42.9% of attempted security breaches occurring on Saturday and Sunday.

Tips for Businesses over the Christmas break

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