Apartment buildings constantly experience security challenges related to trespassing, loitering and crime.

There are a few fundamental precautions property managers can take to help help protect people, property and physical assets in apartment blocks. Firstly, its important to understand and identify potential threats based on your facility’s specific location, and how they can impact general operations. It’s also important to note/assess successful preventative measures already in operation.

Common Challenges 

Here are some of the common challenges experienced by large residential properties.

  • Large perimeter areas to monitor and secure
  • Multiple points of entry
  • Antisocial behaviour
  • Availability of resources (personal property, package room, waste and recycling)
  • Anonymity due to the high volume of occupants and visitors

The most successful way to reduce threats and liabilities is to prevent them occurring in the first place. A ‘challenge’ culture or environment can be established in several ways at the perimeter and building entrances, within entry lobbies, and at stairwells, elevators, and private tenant entries.

Virtual Live Surveillance is the Solution

Our innovative Proactive Video Monitoring provides facility/property managed premises like apartment blocks with a highly effective and cost-efficient way to protect the site. Our purpose-built platform and dedicated team of local-based intervention specialists deliver the perfect, and proven combination of video surveillance technology with professionally trained supervision to cost-effectively monitor and protect your facility and its operations with the highest levels of efficiency. There are various technologies to protect:

The moment a potential problem is detected, our expertly trained specialists verify and intervene as needed, providing live-personalised audio warnings, which have a 98% efficacy rate in deterring antisocial behaviour and preventing crime.

If you would like to discuss proactive video monitoring for your premises, please request a call-back via the contact form here.