Security preparations for St. Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day is a great day for celebrating all things Irish, but we see the same security issues affecting businesses each year as many enjoy a day off and some revellers perhaps celebrating into the early hours.

Here are some of the not so obvious security issues facing businesses this St Patrick’s Day weekend:

  • With many businesses closed for the long weekend, criminals often view these periods as easy targets. If you have a small number of workers on site over the long weekend, ensure that they can safely enter and leave the premises and are not vulnerable to attack.
  • With increased crowds celebrating and gathering outdoors for St Patrick’s Day, ensure that your site is safe from intrusion. While many of these revellers may not wish to steal or damage property you may be held liable for any accidents that happen on your site.
  • Do you have designated key holders, contactable in case of emergency? With many people enjoying a day off it can be difficult to reach key holders in case of emergency. Take steps to ensure that you have a robust contingency plan in place.

St Patricks day 2019 netwatch

St Patricks Day Crime Statistics

St Patrick’s day 2018 proved to be an interesting day for attempted security breaches on Netwatch managed sites. Here are some of the worrying findings from this year’s St Patrick’s bank holiday weekend:

  • The St Patrick’s Day weekend saw an increased amount of attempted burglaries and criminal behaviour.
  • Warehousing and schools were of interest to criminals on St Patrick’s Day, with considerable burglary related activity occurring within these sectors.

St Patrick’s day bucks the trend

Generally speaking, attempted security breaches recorded by Netwatch occur under the cover of darkness, but incidents occurring this St Patrick’s Day did so throughout the day. This means that criminals are emboldened by the holiday weekend, and a lesser security presence in businesses.

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