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Protecting A Process And Maturing Product

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Overcoming The Challenges

See How Netwatch Helped West Cork Distillery To Protect Their Most Valuable Asset

West Cork Distillery are a true Irish success story, it all started in the back of a shed of one of the founding members back in 2008. Today, the distillery enjoys tremendous success and have established themselves as an international business after a lot of hard work along the way. The distillery produces whiskey, gin and vodka which is fermented, distilled, matured and bottled on site.

The produce is valuable and is the bedrock of the business so keeping it safe is crucial, that is why the team at West Cork Distillery chose to partner with Netwatch, allowing them to continue building a highly successful business while our team maintain the highest level of security of their premises.


Bonded Warehouses need to ensure strict security procedures. Netwatch understand these needs, enabling a safe and secure environment for maturing product.


Netwatch can help protect from damage. Protecting the production process and maturing product from damage is essential, the product is irreplaceable.

Multiple Sites

Remote video access means you can access a range of remote site management tools across multiple locations on your phone/desktop.

How Netwatch Helped

Protecting the product from theft, damage and contamination is essential to the success of the brand and maintaining their reputation. Under the Netwatch Managed Service offering we take complete control from site design, installation, monitoring and maintenance.

Netwatch now provides total perimeter protection for all sites. Using our own broadband solution, connectivity is no longer an issue. Live viewing of cameras is always available, visibility in case of fire alarms, motion detection in unauthorised areas and personalised audio warnings to intruders.

To ensure antisocial behaviour does not impact on the business, Netwatch Loiter Detection was installed in necessary zones. Anyone hanging around too long will cause an alert, with an audio warning issued to deter potential damage.

Netwatch Communication Hubs are alerted within seconds to any security breaches. West Cork Distillery’s specific protocol is then followed to always ensure highest level of response and security. West Cork Distillery is now operating in a fearless environment with Netwatch protecting their business.

Netwatch Perimeter Protection

Perimeter Protection

The key to our success in perimeter protection is the combination of our proprietary software with the human eye element. We verify any potential threat and act accordingly. Our software ensures that verified threats are transmitted within seconds to our Communication Hubs, allowing our Intervention Specialists to intervene before any crime is committed.

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"Along with the general security worries, as a distillery we have the added concern of protecting our product while it matures. The slightest damage during the maturing process could result in huge financial and reputational damage for us. We can't take any risks when it comes to security, that is why we choose Netwatch every time"

John O' Connell ,

Managing Director

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