Netwatch Staff Safety Solution

Establishing a Safe, Inclusive, and Empowering Workplace

At the workplace, everyone has the fundamental right to feel safe and secure. However, some work environments present unique challenges when it comes to creating a safe and secure space for employees to work and achieve their goals. In such cases, businesses often resort to traditional security measures, such as hiring security guards, installing video surveillance, and posting signs. While these measures can be helpful, they often have major limitations that fail to ensure the safety of team members and limit the overall security of the workplace.

Key Benefits of the Netwatch Staff Safety Solution

Two Way Audio

The Netwatch Staff Safety button allows for two way conversation. Netwatch Specialists can listen to incident and respond verbally if appropriate.

Visual Verification

Once the button is activated, Netwatch are live visually monitoring the situation. Unlike other solutions where there is often no way to assess the situation in advance of responding.

System Health Checks

The Netwatch Platform performs automated health checks to ensure all components of your system are always on and always effective. You are always safe with a Netwatch solution.

Manage Escalation

A safe outcome for all involved is key for Netwatch. Our team will assess the event remotely and if live audio talkdown could create risk, our Specialists will liaise directly with authorities, providing them with live detail of the incident.

Proactively Ensuring Employee Safety

Netwatch’s Staff Safety Solution can be easily accessed by employees in case of intimidation or threat. With just one push of a button, employees can immediately summon help and feel assured that someone is there to assist them.

Once activated, a high-priority alert is sent to the monitoring hub, where Intervention Specialists quickly monitor the situation in real-time. In addition to visually verifying the incident, Specialists can also hear the conversation through two-way audio. Following protocol, the Specialists promptly notify the police and provide precise information about the aggressor’s location and other crucial situational details. They also contact the primary business contacts, informing them of the situation.

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Safety Leads to Empowered Workforces

Whenever an employee’s personal safety and the safety of others around them are at risk, it is imperative to put the safest measures possible in place. Whether you are looking for a solution to protect a lone worker, or employees in a high-risk location or just for added peace of mind, Netwatch Staff Safety Solution provides an instantaneous means of providing a discreet way to notify Netwatch that an incident is transpiring and they need additional support.

Create a fearless environment for employees with Netwatch Staff Safety Solution

Give your staff peace of mind with the Netwatch Staff Safety Solution…