How much does the Netwatch System cost?

Netwatch is a custom cctv security system tailored to meet the needs of our clients. To assess cost involved we ask that you avail of a free site survey. This free site survey will give you a breakdown of the relative costs involved in effectively securing your business.

Can the Netwatch security system use the cameras I have already have?

Netwatch is a bespoke security camera system. Existing hardware can be integrated into the Netwatch System if it meets our operational standards put in place to give our customers an exceptional level of service.

Do I need broadband to get the Netwatch system?

Our system does require a reliable broadband connection. We can provide you with a broadband solution if you do not have internet access.

Will I need power on-site for the Netwatch System?

The Netwatch systems requires power. If you do not have power onsite for the system we can provide a self contained powered solution.

What is the difference between Netwatch and traditional CCTV providers?

Netwatch is only the visual monitoring company that can offer a bespoke install to monitoring solution. We are Europe’s largest visual monitoring company with more than 15 year’s experience in the security industry.

Are you looking at my premises all of the time?

No, unless the system is armed we will not be watching or issuing on site audio warnings. The client will set an arming protocol for when the system should be armed. We will only respond to alerts during that time. However the on site Netwatch system is always recording.

What if my site loses power?

We will notify you immediately if we lose connection to your site. The Netwatch system comes with a UPS (uninterruptable power supply) which can power your site for up to 30 minutes in the in the event of a power cut or system sabotage.