Netwatch provide bespoke risk and security solutions to the Quarry industry across the world. We protect your company’s valuable machinery, supplies and personnel. Find out more about the Netwatch solution for the Quarry industry.


Safeguarding manufacturing facilities poses various challenges in a number of areas. You need to safe guard your delivery processes, ensure your staff are secure, your production protected and public safety observed. Learn how the Netwatch security solution deals with these challenges.


Warehousing and Logistics crime causes large scale loss and disruption every year. With valuable assets such as fuel and cargo, it poses the perfect opportunity for theft. The vast movement of the cargo from place to place makes it a particular target for criminals. Find out more about how Netwatch help can help Warehouse & Logistics facilities deal with security threats.


Protection of staff, data and assets is an essential security measure for all businesses. Over one third of Irish businesses fear they are likely to fall victim to crime. Learn more about the end to end Netwatch security solution for corporate industry.

Waste Management

Waste management facilities require tight security to keep operations moving on a daily basis. From trespassing to fires, there are numerous threats facing these type of facilities. See how a tailored Netwatch solution is meeting these challenges facing waste management facilitates around the world.


Construction sites, plant hire or builders merchants pose a number of significant security challenges. They all hold high value items on large sites, making them prime targets for criminals. The growing problem of stolen heavy-duty machinery continues to blight the construction industries. Find out more about how Netwatch help Construction industry.

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