Protecting you and your assets

The aggregate industry faces many safety and security threats. It is simply the nature of the business. There are the threats of theft, vandalism or trespass, with aggregates also having to contend with a heightened duty of care for public and employee liability. Often sites can span over 1000’s of acres, through remote routes. Manned security and passive CCTV provide a certain level of protection, but this is not enough to cover all areas at all times. We offer personalised solutions to meet the security needs of businesses just like yours. We deploy a range of products and services specifically designed to secure businesses working in the mining and materials sector. From remote monitoring of specific, contained areas, to a vast perimeter, we will ensure the highest level of protection.

Why Us

Netwatch provide a CCTV security solution to the quarry industry across the world. We protect your company’s valuable machinery, supplies and personnel.t. We provide extremely cost-effective monitoring and remote control off-site activity, 24 hours a day. If your site perimeter is breached, our Communication Hub issues the intruders with a live personalized audio warning, deterring them before a crime is committed.