Securing Waste Management Facilities

Waste management facilities require tight security in order to keep operations moving on a daily basis. From trespassing to fires, there are numerous threats. Without proper monitoring and deterrents, breaches in security can incur huge time and monetary costs.

Fire & Arson
The potential for fire is great in Waste Management facilities. There is always a fear of vandals engaging in damaging arson attacks, along with the threat of spontaneous combustion from biological decomposition or chemical oxidation.


One issue faced in Waste Management facilities is trespassers and vandals. The problems can be from pilfering and theft of copper or spare parts, to stealing fuel from your fleet along with general vandalism. Facilities open the public, need to protect certain areas and prevent indiscriminate dumping of waste material.

There is a duty of care to protect the public from areas where there could be hazardous waste or where potential harm can come to them.