Loiter Detection

Loiter Detection Camera

Loiter detection alerts Netwatch to loitering individuals on your site, so that they can be dealt with by our Intervention Specialists. This gives you a convenient and safer option than intervening directly with anti-social behaviour.

Why Netwatch Clients are Choosing Loiter Detection

  • Allows individuals access through an area, but alerts Netwatch if individuals are loitering in excess of a predetermined period of time
  • Remote verification and intervention in anti-social behaviour
  • Reduces the need for traditional intervention and a possible physical altercation that can commonly occur in these circumstances
  • Removes anti-social behaviour occurring near your business
  • Reduces risk to property such as vandalism, graffiti or arson

Key Features of Loiter Detection

  • Adjustable detection and selection of areas susceptible to loitering
  • Fast installation or can be applied to an existing Netwatch System
  • Remote servicing and protocol updates
  • Supports IP and Analogue cameras
  • Ability to distinguish between people and animals

Threats Counteracted by Loiter Detection

Social Perception

Anti-social behaviour and loitering can give a negative perception of a business. Loiter Detection records, intervenes and stops this behaviour on your site. This helps to project a safe and positive perception of your business in the area.

Physical Intervention

A first responder to anti-social behaviour is often in a dangerous position. They can run the risk of being attacked or verbally abused. Loiter Detection remotely intervenes by issuing audio warning and calls police to the scene should the situation escalate.

Access without Loitering

Many businesses have walkways or areas that are accessible to the public but are susceptible to loitering. Loiter Detection allows for full public access to the area for a given period of time, after which a Netwatch Intervention Specialist goes live to intervene.

Loiter Trace Integration

Seamlessly integrates with the award-winning Netwatch System. This technology is available on the managed service, with no capital upfront fees. You simply select the technology you need and Netwatch look after the rest. We design, install monitor, maintain and guarantee.

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