Managed Service

Providing you with a complete security solution

The Netwatch Managed Service (NMS) provides customers with an end-to-end solution for their security needs. For a fixed daily fee, with no upfront capital cost, Netwatch will design, install, monitor and maintain your CCTV security system. We eliminate all security worries from your mind, taking care of everything from start to finish.

Why businesses choose Netwatch Managed Service:

  • Remote monitoring of your site with our unique detection software
  • Lifetime guarantee on all hardware and software
  • Comprehensive maintenance service which covers repairs and replacement of hardware
  • Free software updates delivered remotely as they become available
  • Continuous health checks of your system
  • Incident reports delivered to you following any activity on your site

How it works

  • A system is designed to fulfil your business security needs. Unique detection analytic software is employed behind each camera. The camera feed is then interpreted through bespoke Cratos software and presented in Communication Hubs.
  • The Netwatch proactive video monitoring suite is designed to integrate with a range of detection and monitoring tools. Cratos software can integrate with thermal cameras, loiter detection, perimeter protection, hot-spot monitoring, ANPR and many more. Cratos interprets the activity and presents only real threats.
  • Once the detection is triggered in a secure area, an alert is transmitted to one of our Communication Hubs where it is picked up Intervention Specialist within seconds. An Intervention Specialist will then view live camera feed to visually verify the threat. Intruders are challenged with a personalized audio warning.
  • Our clients agree very specific protocols to be adhered to by Netwatch and at their site. These include what key holders to call and at what point to alert the authorities.

What we do

Design Install Monitor Maintain

Design – Our experienced team conduct a detailed risk assessment survey highlighting potential security hazards. This enables us to design an effective security system to meet the needs of your business. Our years of experience ensure we understand threats to your business and design a system to keep you safe and secure.

Install – Netwatch installation engineers will work onsite, ensuring the seamless installation of your system. Our commissioning team will ensure the system is calibrated to a high standard. The Commissioning team will also engage with you to ensure your protocol is ready to go live.

Monitor – Once commissioning is complete, the feed from your security system is fed through our bespoke software. Within seconds of threatening activity being detected, an Intervention Specialist will be alerted. The level of threat is verified through a live feed and a personalized audio warning is issued. Live monitoring will continue until the site is deemed safe and secure. Specific customer protocol is followed with each alert.

Maintain – To deliver our exceptional level of service to our customers, all related hardware must be functioning at optimum capacity. Our Cratos software is continuously checking all aspects of your systems are live. This means if a camera is obsolete, damaged, or faulty, we know about it within seconds. Our customer does not need to worry, a Netwatch engineer will solve the issue when dispatched at no extra cost. This provides our customers with peace of mind with the knowledge that their property receives uninterrupted protection.

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