Netwatch Announce

Specific audio messages broadcast from your current security system.

Audio warning service

Netwatch Announce allows for pre-recorded audio messages to be
broadcast from your current security system.

The Netwatch Announce feature can be used to assist in implementing health & safety measures around your properties. The actions can include
broadcasting messages such as announcing social distancing rules, informing people of movement restrictions or providing specific customer information on a timed basis.

This can all happen through your current Netwatch system. Netwatch
Announce can be deployed remotely, with no need for site visits or any close interactions.

Benefits of Announce

  • Utilise your current Netwatch System for audio announcements.
  • Inform your customers of health & safety rules on a timed basis.
  • Let your customers know about special offers.
  • No extra cost or equipment necessary to implement Announce feature.
  • Broadcast messages in various languages.
  • Target different messages at different times of the day.

Features of Announce

  • It allows for a number of prerecorded audio messages to be saved to your system.
  • The Netwatch team can provide general health & safety recordings to be used on your sites.
  • Customers can provide specific messaging to be used.
  • Netwatch announce can be deployed remotely.
  • Messages can be up to 20 seconds long.
  • Announcements can be from 5 minutes apart upwards.

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