Netwatch Count

Accurately monitor the real-time occupancy of buildings without needing, storing, or invading visitor identity

Occupancy Count Service

Maintaining appropriate distances from each other is essential in helping to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Some businesses will need to look at the layout of their workspaces and communal areas. For example, you may need to manage the occupancy levels in areas such as canteens, restrooms, as well as your overall building or site capacity.

With Netwatch Count you can protect privacy, scale easily and all the time improve safety.


  • Limit occupancy to compliant levels per sq. ft/mt.
  • Alert staff when occupancy reaches unsafe levels.
  • Display real-time data on site, giving people the data they need to self-regulate.
  • Avoid crowding and delays.
  • Easily analyse and compare multiple locations.
  • Schedule cleaning on how frequently spaces are used.


  • Handle multiple points of entry.
  • Detect group or bi-directional movement.
  • Monitor numerous buildings of any space type.
  • Trigger SMS notifications or visual warnings when predetermined limits are exceeded.
  • Smartphone app for access to real-time occupancy data.

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