An easily deployed, robust security solution for any location where power is a challenge.

No Power? No Problem!

Our Self-Powered Security Solution

The Eco-Commander provides a mobile Security solution that brings its own power and connectivity to protect people and assets in vulnerable locations.

The Commander Unit allows industry leading Netwatch PVM service to be provided on remote sites, without the need for mains power. Robust and durable, it can be deployed on any terrain and remain operational in all weather conditions.

It can be deployed with your site being monitored in a matter of hours. There is minimal servicing required within the lifetime of its operation. Video, audio and fueling capabilities are housed in a sturdy steel casing making it resistant to tampering and extreme weather conditions.

The Netwatch Eco-Commander is robust, versatile and mobile.

Key Features


Cost Effective

The Eco-Commander offers an affordable security solution where power and connectivity is a challenge. When compared with suitable alternatives like manned guarding or security patrols, the Eco-Commander is safe and secure option.


The Eco-Commander is powered by by a Netwatch FuelCell of CO2-produced Methanol, which is a carbon neutral energy source, It is clean running and quiet so can be utilised in areas where noise pollution is a concern. The only output is small amounts of water.

Self Sufficient

The Eco-Commander can be deployed onsite and monitoring live in a very short space of time. It can then protect the areas within detection zones for up to 3 months, without a need for servicing.

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