The global proactive video monitoring company Netwatch, established in Carlow in 2003, has announced that it will create 50 new jobs over the next year.

These jobs will be in R&D, HR, Monitoring Hub, Sales and Technical operations.

Kurt Takahashi, Netwatch Global CEO, said that the increase in jobs emphasises the central role that Netwatch Ireland plays in the global expansion of the Group. A number of global functions are led from Ireland including R&D, HR, Global Monitoring and Finance.

“This level of expansion is being made to meet the needs of our current development and Netwatch Ireland will be the hub for this growth,” said Mr. Takahashi on his recent visit to the Carlow site.

Netwatch currently employs over 150 people in Ireland and over 250 in the US. The US team is also growing with some key hires in the sales and marketing teams there. “The Netwatch platform developed in Carlow has been so successful that we are building our business in the US around it,” said Mr. Takahashi.

Central to the operation of the global business is the R&D function, which is based entirely in Ireland, the R&D team in Carlow is the fastest growing team in Netwatch. This round of recruitment will see the team grow to almost 30. The R&D team has developed and deployed Netwatch’s own propriety technology and develops applications for all platforms as well as all aspects of software development for the Netwatch Communication Hub.

“Technology is the key to our successful development,” said Kurt Takahashi.