Group CEO Visits Netwatch Cullen Park 

“THERE’S great pride in the Netwatch business and the Irish base in Carlow,” said the new global head of the Netwatch group Kurt Takahashi on his visit to Ireland and specifically Carlow last week.

Mr Takahashi described Carlow as an important centre for the group’s research and development (R&D) and also the hub for organic sales growth throughout Europe.

As part of his trip to Carlow last week, the new global head of the Netwatch group also visited Netwatch Cullen Park, where he met Carlow GAA chairman Jim Bolger and even got to try his hand at hurling.

Netwatch was, of course, founded in Carlow in 2003 by David Walsh and Niall Kelly. In 2018, the company merged with three other monitoring companies in the USA and UK and with the backing of private equity firm Riverside created the Netwatch Group.

The group currently employs about 400 people, with a thriving base continuing in Carlow. In addition to R&D, the heads of key functions for Netwatch Group operations are based in Carlow, including finance, European sales and HR.

“In Ireland, Netwatch is very established, but in North America it is not,” said Mr Takahashi.

“Netwatch is a world leader in proactive visual monitoring. Its stated mission is to create a fearless environment, where the businesses it protects can feel safe and secure. It revolutionised the Irish market by introducing the first ‘real time’ remote visual monitoring system that allowed for intervention immediately a security perimeter was breached,” he added.

The group protects over 300,000 sites worldwide in a wide variety of sectors, including government, critical infrastructures, construction, manufacturing, education and retail.