About Netwatch

Our mission at Netwatch is to ‘create a fearless environment’ for our clients, where they can feel safe and secure in their business.

Netwatch is a world leader in prcactive visual monitoring. The first company in Europe to combine specialist video processing technologies with satellite communications to provide preventative, immediate and cost-effective protection solutions for clients. The system has prevented over 65,000 security breaches worldwide. The Netwatch Group employs over 500 staff and operates in four continents, with clients across Europe, South Africa, the Middle East and the USA.

Company Background

Netwatch was born when a mutual friend of founders David Walsh and Niall Kelly was viciously assaulted by intruders after responding to what he assumed was a false alarm at his business premises. Both men felt there had to be a better way to protect both the first responder and business, ensuring that an individual would never again have to experience a situation of walking blindly into a real-life crime scenario. This incident drove home the short comings of traditional CCTV security camera systems to David and Niall, so they set about finding a better solution. From this, the company grew from strength to strength to becoming a leader in their industry.

Our Management Team

While the success of Netwatch is highly dependent on the design and development of new and cutting-edge technologies, we recognise that talented human capital is essential for the business to continue to grow and prosper. At Netwatch, we employ a team of highly trained, skilled and capable personnel.

David Walsh, Group CEO

David Walsh, Group CEO, Netwatch

Gerard Hennessy, Strategy Planning Director

Gerard Hennessy, Strategy Planning Director

Wendy Hamilton, GM Ireland – SVP Global Operations

Wendy Hamilton, GM Ireland - SVP Global Operations

Declan McGrane, Chief Information Officer

Declan McGrane, Chief Information Officer

Colin Hayes, Sales Director Ireland

Colin Hayes, Sales Director Ireland

Our Leadership

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a company, Netwatch believe strongly in corporate social responsibility and this belief is echoed through our dealings with our customers, employees, contractors, suppliers and even with the environment. For us at Netwatch, our success is measured by more than just the achievement of financial targets; we acknowledge our responsibility for the social impact we have on communities in which we operate. The positive impact Netwatch can have on our client’s lives, the communities we work in and our environment is as important to our long-term success as any financial achievement.

Our Customers

We are extremely fortunate to have an intimate relationship with each of our customers. As a result, we receive quality feedback which allows us to shape and fashion our services for individual client requirements. This means we are constantly redefining and adapting our services in order to develop more intelligent and effective security solutions and lead the way with rapidly evolving emerging technologies.

Our Employees

Netwatch is committed to workplace based Corporate Social Responsibility. Our people are our most important asset and we encourage a lifelong attitude to training by organising and funding many technical and customer service training courses for our staff. As a result of our dedication to employee development, we were recently awarded the Excellence in Customer Service Training award. Every year, Netwatch celebrates employees who have gone above and beyond for Netwatch in the past year, and the achievements of the Netwatch team, at the annual Employee of the Year Awards.

Our Environment

Netwatch is fully committed to protecting the environment in which we operate and protecting the natural resources we use.

Our Community

Netwatch are committed to supporting the communities in which we operate. To date, Netwatch staff have been involved in many fundraising activities for deserving causes across the globe.

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