Netwatch Coronavirus/Covid-19 Update

Business continuity approach implemented

Netwatch is taking steps across the company to prepare and ensure we continue to care for our employees and customers.

30 March 2020

UPDATE March 20th

Over the past week the COVID-19 outbreak has further impacted and caused disruption to businesses around the world. As the virus continues to spread globally, we hope that you and your families are remaining safe and healthy.

At Netwatch we have invested to ensure the critical 24/7 service from our Communication hubs can continue, while protecting the health and well-being of our own employees. 

Designated zones have been established to enable our Communication Hub teams work in a protected environment with increased specialist-to-specialist distance. This arrangement also allows for a more regular deep cleaning schedule. Over the last week we have been busy deploying additional technical equipment to support these zones. Access to the Hub zones is limited to direct Hub staff and IT support. Each zone has full functionality and can fail-over to another zone as required.

Our goal is to ensure your service will not be interrupted under any circumstance. We are available to assist you should you need to update contact details, business hours or specific protocol, please ensure you contact with the Communication Hub through Your updated information enables us to continue to secure your site in the most effective manner. 
We would ask all our customers to review their sites and surrounds with a view to removing any obstacles which can impact visibility or cause nuisance alerts. Should you have any question or worries please don’t hesitate to contact us on 1890 457 025 or

UPDATE March 12th

The government made an announcement today of extra measures that are being put in place to curtail the spread of COVID-19. Our Critical Response team is monitoring the situation closely. We want to reassure our customers that we had prepared our teams for this outcome, and already had measures in place to minimise the impact of this.

Our Managers review staffing with their teams on a daily basis, and so they can best plan ahead with contingent staff. Our staff are working very constructively with us to best support the needs of our customers. We appreciate the importance of our Communication Hubs; our priority is ensuring our Intervention Specialists can continue to provide our services to customers under the best possible conditions. Where possible we will be completing service and maintenance calls remotely; if there is any aspect of your site security that concerns you please contact us at the number below.

We have seen an increase in requests for additional temporary coverage for specific areas (higher stock levels, or unmanned locations for example). We have supplemented our supplies to meet this need and are happy to take any incoming requests. We would ask all our customers to review their sites and surrounds with a view to removing any obstacles which can impact visibility or cause nuisance alerts.

UPDATE March 10th

Dear Customers,

The continuing spread of the coronavirus outside China is driving organisations everywhere to prepare for a possible pandemic. At Netwatch we are taking active steps across the company to prepare and ensure we continue to take care of our employees and customers. There will be ongoing communications from Netwatch to our customers as the situation evolves.

Our ongoing activities are based on guidance from national and international health, safety and travel entities, including the World Health Organization, Ireland Health Service, U.S. Centers for Disease Control, U.K. government and other governmental organisations.

Netwatch is implementing necessary actions to mitigate risk and maintain continuity.

We are taking all precautions being advised from governmental organisations. We have deployed our Critical Response team to manage our activities in relation to this crisis. As this is an evolving situation, day to day management is important, as such the Critical Response team communicates daily to review changes in conditions and update our risk and mitigation strategy.

All Netwatch employees have been issued with guidance on how to best protect themselves and how to communicate with us, should their own risk status change. We have an established business continuity approach having two monitoring locations that are fully capable of supporting each other. Our Communication Hubs are a very important part of our day to day service, and special steps have been taken to limit access for nonessential movement. We have reviewed staffing across the business to allow for various eventualities.

The safety and security of Netwatch employees and customers is our priority. Please rest assured that we are implementing all measures to continue to provide the same high level of service at this time. Should you have any questions, queries or worries please don’t hesitate to contact us via the form in the footer below.

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