Quinn Industrial Holdings

Since it was first founded in the 1970s, Quinn Industrial Holdings has grown into one of the most successful manufacturers of building products in the UK and Ireland. Its origins lay in the supply of sand and gravel to local builders and farmers, it has now transformed into a multi-national business with an impressive portfolio of products

Overcoming the Challenges

Netwatch worked closely with the Quinn team, reviewing all issues, surveyed the sites in detail to detect the vulnerable areas and advised on technology solutions to mitigate risk. The challenges to overcome were expansive areas to protect, remote locations to protect, health and safety for staff, high-value product and assets, high level of antisocial behaviour, business downtime very costly, public liability.

Anti-Social Behaviour

Multiple Sites

Multiple Sites

Theft Protection


How Netwatch Helped

Working with Netwatch has resulted in a notable decrease in attempted security breaches on the Quinn sites. The staff are confident in the service and believe the fear of antisocial behaviour has lessened. The risk of asset theft and damage has diminished, ensuring business continuity and a profitable business to support the local community.

  • Reduction in downtime
  • Continuous evolution and improvement of service
  • Increase in staff morale
  • Health & Safety improvements
  • Does not inhibit daily activities
  • Introduction of process management technology
  • Highlighted & rectified weaknesses in security
  • Cost-effective security

Security breaches now create an instant alert to the Netwatch
Communication Hub. Our Intervention Specialists then follow specific predefined protocols to ensure a safe and secure site.

Loiter Detection by Netwatch

Loiter Detection

Loiter detection alerts Netwatch to loitering individuals on your site, so that they can be dealt with by our Intervention Specialists. This gives you a convenient and safer option than intervening directly with anti-social behaviour.

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"We always look to improve professionalism and the way we use technology, Netwatch has embraced this for us and made a difference to the staff and management of the Quinn Group."

Kevin Lunney,

Chief Operations Officer

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