Private Residences

Protect your home from theft and damage

At Netwatch, our primary focus is to protect what you value most. When it comes to the safety and security of your home, our Intervention Specialists work 24/7/365 to ensure the safety of your property and loved ones is never compromised.

Challenges Facing Private Residences

Netwatch offers our clients an end-to-end security solution

A security breach at your private residence can have a traumatising effect on you and your loved ones. While protection of your commercial assets is important, it goes without saying the protection of your home and loved ones is paramount.

Through the use of our advanced proactive video monitoring technology, we can stop an intruder before they have the chance to cause damage or burglarise your home. We ensure that no unauthorised individual enters your property, and our industry-leading response times ensure any brazen intruder is challenged immediately with a personalised audio warning.


Residential theft is a major concern for many homeowners. Live video monitoring deters crime before it occurs and ensures the fastest response times.


Vandalism and damage to property can be a reality for some. However, video monitoring and live audio warnings will cause the culprits to quickly flee.

Anti-social behaviour

Residential areas can attract unwanted loiterers, particularly in urban environments. This can increase the risk of theft and destruction of property.

Netwatch has the Perfect Solution for You

Read about the various Netwatch features to protect your home.

Netwatch Perimeter Protection

Perimeter Protection

The key to our success in perimeter protection is the combination of our proprietary software with the human eye element. We verify any potential threat and act accordingly. Our software ensures that verified threats are transmitted within seconds to our Communication Hubs, allowing our Intervention Specialists to intervene before any crime is committed.

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Panic Button

Panic buttons are the fastest way to ask for help in an emergency. Ensure your safety or the safety of your staff.

Panic buttons
Loiter Detection by Netwatch

Loiter Detection

Loiter detection alerts Netwatch to loitering individuals on your site, so that they can be dealt with by our Intervention Specialists. This gives you a convenient and safer option than intervening directly with anti-social behaviour.

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Netwatch by Numbers

Netwatch provides you with a best in class proactive video monitoring solution that deters intruders, before they have a chance to cause damage or remove valuable goods from your property. Netwatch delivers this industry leading proactive security solution to valued customers around the globe.


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See Netwatch in Action

Thief caught on camera stealing rims from car dealership

This car dealership was having trouble with thieves stealing rims from their premises at night. Once installed, Netwatch quickly put an end to that problem. In this video, a thief is apprehended by police while scoping out rims to steal later that night.

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Ernest and Young, client of Netwatch

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