Video Showcase

Crime Prevention Footage

Thief caught on camera stealing rims from a car dealership

Thief caught by Netwatch Proactive Video Monitoring while attempting to remove rims from cars at a car dealership.


Footage of fire detection and fire crews dispatched

Intervention Specialist visually dispatches fire crews to a commercial fire ignited near a Netwatch monitored site.


Intruders caught by Netwatch, the local police and K9 unit

Luckily this lockup had a Netwatch Security System installed. The thieves were quickly apprehended.


Known car thief caught in the act by police

Thief caught by Netwatch attempting access cars at a dealership. A Netwatch Intervention Specialist responded within seconds and police were quick on the scene.


Intruders caught on camera sneaking onto a construction site

Three intruders enter a construction site monitored by Netwatch in broad daylight. Intruders flee the scene upon detection.


Local Gang Stop and Retreat When Given an Audio Warning

This car dealership had ongoing issues with a local gang. With Netwatch installed this problem was quickly resolved.


More About Netwatch Proactive Video Monitoring

The Netwatch Suite of Software – CRATOS

Netwatch Visual Labs has developed a suite of software to create the most effective detection and transmission on the market.


How the Netwatch System works

Take a look at this one minute video and see how the Netwatch System works.

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