Proactive Video Monitoring

Netwatch Proactive Video Monitoring (PVM) provides live, remote monitoring and expert intervention services to protect client sites. Through the application of industry-leading detection and monitoring technologies, Netwatch delivers on the mission to create a fearless environment for thousands of sites worldwide.

Netwatch Presents

Kurt Takahashi Netwatch Group

Netwatch Group names Kurt Takahashi as CEO

Kurt Takahashi joins Netwatch Group

Netwatch Group, a leading provider of proactive video monitoring services, has appointed Kurt Takahashi as CEO effective Jan. 4, 2021.


New Senior Appointments to Netwatch Group

Rochelle Thompson and Justin Wilmas join Netwatch Group

Rochelle Thompson becomes Chief Marketing Officer while Justin Wilmas has been named as President, Netwatch North America.

Netwatch in Numbers

Netwatch provides you with a best in class proactive video monitoring solution that deters intruders, before they have a chance to cause damage or remove valuable goods from your property.


years experience


crimes prevented to date


customer sites monitored worldwide

Why Choose Netwatch?

Netwatch is a world leader in proactive video monitoring

Netwatch proactive video monitoring technologies protect property, create safe workplaces and ensure business continuity. Our expert Intervention Specialists direct operations remotely from Monitoring Centers, 24/7, visually verifying intruders and intervening with a live, audio warning to prevent criminal activity from taking place.

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Protect Yourself with Industry-leading Technology

See how Cratos intelligently filters out false alarms

Cratos is a powerful, scalable suite of software designed to filter out nuisance alarms, providing industry-leading response times to security breaches and proactive asset protection. The proprietary software allows your Intervention Specialist to spend less time dealing with nuisance false alerts, and more time protecting what you value most.

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Much More than Just Another Camera

Netwatch offers a proven security solution

The Netwatch System provides you with the peace of mind that your site is being protected with trusted, world-leading detection software. System software updates are delivered remotely as they become available, to ensure your system is operating at the highest possible standard.


Firstly, your security system can be designed to meet your specific needs. The Netwatch System has been deployed on thousands of sites, and the learnings from this ensure an effective security system can be planned to keep you safe and secure.


A member of our Certified Partner network will handle the installation and commissioning of your site. Your Netwatch system will be put through rigorous testing before it goes live to ensure your security is effective and you will determine your specific protocols.


The feed from your security system is fed through our Cratos software. It interprets activity from the cameras and sends an alert to our Monitoring Center. Within seconds of threatening activity, Intervention Specialists will be alerted and go live view of the camera.


To deliver our exceptional level of security, Cratos software is continuously checking all aspects of your system are live. This means if a camera is obsolete, damaged or faulty an alert is sent within seconds, to ensure that your system is fully operational at all times.

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