Protecting your valuable produce

Netwatch Proactive Video Monitoring has prevented over 65,000 crimes to date and is aligned to the unique requirements of Cannabis security. Our unique video surveillance system provides 24/7 protection preventing crimes before they occur. Netwatch technology stays ahead of changing laws and regulations, ensuring cannabis compliance for each State.

Security solutions for the Cannabis business

Unique Challenges Faced by the Canna-Business

Keeping up with changing laws and regulations

The Netwatch System is a trusted choice for the Cannabis industry. Our team keep up with changing laws and regulations, ensuring our technology will cover cannabis compliance for each State. It is extremely important for companies within the Cannabis Industry to adhere to stringent security regulations, as it is frequently tied to the granting of permits and licenses. The Netwatch System is widely used in dispensaries, manufacturing, processing, cultivation and distribution.


Product diversion is a constant thorn in the side for cultivation and dispensary sites due to the high value of the produce


With high levels of footfall in and out of your dispensary, it is important you are protected from claims

Anti-social behaviour

Dispensary and cultivation sites can attract unwanted loiterers after hours, often trawling through dumpsters in search of produce

Netwatch has the Perfect Solution for Your Business

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Perimeter Protection

Perimeter Protection

The key to our success in perimeter protection is the combination of our proprietary software with the human eye element. We verify any potential threat and act accordingly. Our software ensures that verified threats are transmitted within seconds to our Communication Hubs, allowing our Intervention Specialists to intervene before any crime is committed.

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Loiter Detection by Netwatch

Loiter Detection

Loiter detection alerts Netwatch to loitering individuals on your site, so that they can be dealt with by our Intervention Specialists. This gives you a convenient and safer option than intervening directly with anti-social behaviour.

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Netwatch in numbers

Netwatch provides you with a best in class proactive video monitoring solution that deters intruders, before they have a chance to cause damage or remove valuable goods from your property. Netwatch delivers this industry leading proactive security solution to valued customers around the globe.


employees globally


crimes prevented to data


customer sites monitored worldwide

See Netwatch in Action

An attempted intrusion on a Netwatch monitored site

This video shows the power of Netwatch Proactive Video Monitoring. The agreed protocol with the management of this car dealership was to immediately contact Police without a live audio warning. Both suspects were quickly found and apprehended with the help of a Netwatch professional.

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