Commander Unit

Quickly and easily deployed, the Commander unit is ideal for temporary sites

The Commander Unit is the rapid deployment Netwatch system, an independent and mobile set-up. It was designed by Netwatch as an adaptable, robust solution for sites with little or no supporting infrastructure, no internet connectivity, and no structures to house communications equipment.

The Netwatch Commander can be deployed, commissioned and fully operational at short notice, ensuring your site is always protected by cutting edge Netwatch technology. The Commander unit has all the benefits of Netwatch CRATOS software, resulting in the fastest industry response times. If any incidence of trespass occurs, we issue a live audio warning and notify police and/or the key holders.


  1. No need for construction, cabling or communication works for the installation
  2. Netwatch detect unauthorized activity from up 100 meters away using our own unique detection system
  3. Suitable for all IP camera types, fixed or PTZ, optical and thermal
  4. Stainless steel modular control tower with winch and locking mechanism for fast and safe installation
  5. Powered through mains electricity or fully self-powered
  6. Suitable for remote locations


  1. Fan cooled for increased efficiency and reliability
  2. Cellular communication system with multi-carrier capabilities: this provides a reliable path for video transmission to the Netwatch Communications Hub
  3. Battery backup allows hours of operation in the event of a power failure

There are three options to power the unit:

  1. Mains connection
  2. Diesel generator
  3. Hydrogen Gas fusion

Self-Powered Option

  1. Continuous self-sufficient operation
  2. Hybrid power supply in a tamper-proof cage
  3. Same functions & analytic performance as a fixed installation
  4. When IP audio speaker is installed, audio warnings issued by Communications Hub
  5. Fully monitored power supply to re-stock recharging elements as necessary
  6. Emission-free and quiet

Industries using a temporary CCTV monitoring solution


Construction sites initially have little or no supporting infrastructure for sites that require a temporary security solution. The Commander can be deployed for the build period, giving your site the full protection of the Netwatch System.

Waste Management

The risk of fire and lack of fixed power and internet connections are some of the problems associated with waste management sites. The Commander is completely self-sufficient and can be deployed at the most remote sites with thermal imaging cameras.


Large sites like quarries with little infrastructure, make installing an effective CCTV system expensive and difficult. With the Commander Unit, there is no need for civil works, and it can be redeployed as work locations change.

Integration to the Netwatch System

Seamlessly integrates with the award-winning Netwatch System. This technology is available on the managed service, with no capital upfront fees. You simply select the technology you need and Netwatch look after the rest. We design, install monitor, maintain and guarantee.