Communication Hub

The Netwatch Communication Hubs are world-class, technologically advanced alarm handling centers designed around the core principals of efficiency and scalability. Netwatch is unique, being the only proactive video monitoring service provider to have two Communication Hubs. The secondary Communication Hub is in a separate location, on a separate electrical grid, separate network, and separate telecommunication system to ensure full continuity of service.

Netwatch is distinct from its competitors because of this unique advantage and dedication to providing uninterrupted, reliable protection to our customers. Both Netwatch Communication Hubs are staffed 24/7, 365 days a year with teams of the most highly trained intervention specialists to safeguard our client’s valuable property and assets.

A concrete shell surrounds the exterior of the Communication Hubs and the only entry and exit point is through an airlock double door system. There are no windows or normal doors as entry points. The Communication Hubs are constructed to the highest international standards. They are virtually impenetrable and immune to attack. This ensures that the Intervention Specialist’s ability to protect your property and valuable assets is never impeded.

The Netwatch Communications Hubs are at the center of the Netwatch Proactive Video Monitoring service and are the epicenters of all Intervention Specialist activities. The advanced detection software employed behind high-quality IP cameras ensures that any human movement on your secure property is viewed live, challenged with a personalized audio warning, and responded to in accordance with your customized protocol.

Netwatch Intervention Specialist

Intervention Specialists are the Communication Hub staff responsible for handling alarms, visually verifying activity, issuing personalised audio warnings and responding to a threat based on your personal protocol preferences.

Our Intervention Specialists are at the forefront of the Netwatch proactive video monitoring service. Only top applicants who successfully pass through a range of rigorous personality tests and background checks will be offered this position.

Only when a candidate has passed the comprehensive recruitment assessments and background checks, will they have an opportunity to begin training. Newly recruited Intervention Specialists undergo an exceptional training program and are closely managed and mentored by our most experienced staff until they are ready to react and intervene.

With over 15 years’ experience, we know what qualities are needed to become effective in this role. Through a combination of the most advanced detection software, alarm handling suites and diligent Intervention Specialists, Netwatch can proudly offer the world’s most advanced proactive video monitoring service preventing crime and protecting assets across 4 continents.


Research and Development

Netwatch has the unique advantage of a fully dedicated, in-house team of R&D engineers and developers. Continuous reinvestment into R&D has enabled the expansion and growth of the team, to result in the construction of a cutting edge, bespoke alarm handling platform suite – ‘Cratos’. This ensures Netwatch Intervention Specialists can easily and seamlessly view live camera feeds and intervene in situations where criminal activity is occurring.

Cratos uses the most advanced AI technologies to filter alarms and determine true and false-positive events. The elimination of false positives, such as cats, or a tree branch blowing in the wind, streamlines alarm handling processes and ensures the valuable time of the Intervention Specialist is not consumed by syphering through false alarms.

This revolutionary proactive video monitoring software is unique to Netwatch and ensures real threats at your property are addressed in industry-leading response times. The immediate response and swift delivery of a personalized audio warning to challenge the threat greatly reduces the chance of damage or loss of property.

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