Securing the US Utility Industry

Many utility sites, like substations, are inherently vulnerable to crime as they are often in open, remote locations. They are prone to break-ins, vandalism, theft, sabotage and even terrorist threats these days.

Security solutions for utility companies

Challenges Facing the Utilities Industry

Netwatch offers our clients a trusted and proven security solution

For liability, the NERC/FERC regulations and even copper wire theft reasons, it is important to prevent trespassers from entering these sites. However, CCTV cannot do this, and security guards typically have such large geographical areas to cover they aren’t able to respond immediately to incidents. In contrast, Netwatch visually detects suspicious activity, deters the individuals with live, personalized audio warnings and calls in law enforcement.


Utility sites pose considerable health and safety risks. Unauthorized entry could result in loss of life or severe bodily harm.

Theft Protection


Opportunistic criminals are drawn to utility sites due to the high value of copper wiring and related equipment.

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Multiple sites

Use a range of management tools on multiple sites through proprietary mobile and desktop applications.

Netwatch has the Perfect Solution for You

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Perimeter Protection

Perimeter Protection

The key to our success in perimeter protection is the combination of our proprietary software with the human eye element. We verify any potential threat and act accordingly. Our software ensures that verified threats are transmitted within seconds to our Communication Hubs, allowing our Intervention Specialists to intervene before any crime is committed.

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Loiter Detection by Netwatch

Loiter Detection

Loiter detection alerts Netwatch to loitering individuals on your site, so that they can be dealt with by our Intervention Specialists. This gives you a convenient and safer option than intervening directly with anti-social behaviour.

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Netwatch provides you with a best in class proactive video monitoring solution that deters intruders, before they have a chance to cause damage or remove valuable goods from your property. Netwatch delivers this industry leading proactive security solution to valued customers around the globe.


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Plant site attack with bolt cutters

This footage of an attempted theft demonstrates the effectiveness of the Netwatch System. It can do the same for your business.

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