Since it was first founded in the 1970’s, Quinn Industrial Holdings has grown into one of the most successful manufacturers of building products in the UK and Ireland. Its origins lay in the supply of sand and gravel to local builders and farmers, it has now transformed into a multi-national business with an impressive portfolio of products.


Quinn Industrial Holdings is responsible for 780 staff on their sites, along with a continuous flow of contractors and visitors. The management wanted to ensure the health and safety of their people and the protection of high value assets. The numerous Quinn businesses span over 1000’s of acres, through remote mountain routes, with public access on all roads. Manned security and passive CCTV on the Quinn sites were providing a certain level of protection, but this was not enough to cover all areas at all times.

Netwatch worked closely with the Quinn team, reviewing all issues, surveyed the sites in detail to detect the vulnerable areas and advised on technology solutions to mitigate risk.


  • Expansive areas to protect
  • Remote locations to protect
  • Health and safety of staff
  • High value product and assets
  • High level of anti-social behaviour
  • Business downtime very costly
  • Public liability