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Live, Proactive Video
Monitoring and Expert Intervention Services

Design, installation, monitoring and maintenance of industry-leading detection and security technology.

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Protecting over 250,000 sites for businesses around the World.

See How the Netwatch System Helps our Customers

Securing Your Business Now

We always look to improve professionalism and the way we use technology, Netwatch has embraced this for us and made a difference to the staff and management of the Mannok.

Kevin Lunney, Chief Operations Officer
Mannok Group

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Netwatch Platform

Epicentres of the Netwatch Proactive Video Monitoring

The Netwatch Communication Hubs are at the epicentres of the Netwatch Proactive Video Monitoring service. They are powered by the Netwatch platform, our revolutionary software which uses intelligent algorithms to streamline the alarm handling processes. When combined with our skilled Intervention Specialists the platform ensures security threats are addressed in industry-leading response times.

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Ensuring Effective Security System at All Times

The Netwatch Platform health check function is designed to check the connectivity to thousands of devices, and ensure our clients know they are secure at all times.  Our software makes sure your system is always on. The Health Check element will automatically ‘ping’ each system for any sign of failure. If something is not working, we know about it and we fix it.

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Intelligent Machine Learning System

The accuracy of our filtering software is continually improving, powered by machine learning that accelerates reaction times while reducing the number of false and nuisance alarms. It’s what makes it possible for our Netwatch Intervention Specialists to meet standards you won’t find anywhere else.

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Why Choose Netwatch?

Netwatch is a World Leader in Proactive Video Monitoring

We protect property, create safe workplaces and ensure business continuity. Our expert Intervention Specialists direct operations remotely from Monitoring Centers, 24/7, visually verifying intruders and intervening with a live, audio warning to prevent criminal activity from taking place.

   Deter Theft or Damage

   De-escalate trespassing

   Safely reduce loitering

   Augment guard services

   Future-proof security

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You can’t protect your premises all the time, but we can…

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